India’s New Education Policy

It hamper a child’s future prospects.

Not Teaching in English is a bad idea. With globalisation expanding its root everywhere, our students in future won’t representing a community or state but could work anywhere in India.

If the child didn’t know English they are never ready to compete the real world.

All the rich family still manage to teach there child but the poor people you don’t teach there wards then where they will go.


Being Introvert

# suffering from within. #self help

# change for betterment

In today era of technology being introvert is a crime. Yea in year 2020 they don’t use any social media. Somehow they find it useless to them.

Introvert people who are shy. They don’t know how to present themselves to the world. They (introvert) are kind hearted. Introverts want to hide themselves from world.

I know many people think that in today’s generation each child is come up with overconfident as today s children have exposure.

Introvert exits

The person who is introvert know the pain of not doing things which a other person easily do.

Many reasons there:

Fear of being judged

Introvert don’t come because they feel they are judged. They supposed to blame for wrong things. Some kind of negativity in mind.

Bullied in school:

Yea the students bullied in school they become introvert for rest of there life. They must be given example of priyanka chopra who said in an interview that she is bullied in school but now how she come back to a very strong and powerful woman.

Self centred

Introvert concentrate on self so much. They think the whole world is focused on themselves.

Underrate themselves : OK I strongly believe this is the harsh thing.

Introvert think too much : sometimes over thinking is the reason. Too much think on what others think.

Less number of friends: yea big disadvantage of being introvert.

They don’t know how to express themselves.

Hide there feelings.

Don’t believe in themselves.

The question is what to do ?

Start believing in yourself . Be confident in what you are.

Take little steps in opening up.

Love yourself be the best version of your self.

Sharing lots of positivity.


True picture of today world

Hello readers, today I am sharing an incident, there is uncle in my neighbourhood, he was called by one of his relatives last night. That relative was drunk. He spoke bad words (abusive words) about another relative who is an ( MLA)

That he got a transfer letter because of that relative. The MLA relative is responsible to it.

And my neighbour uncle recorded all his bad words on phone and spreads it to the whole city and in morning he go to the relative (MLA) house. And showed the call recordings that he uses bad words against him.

The MLA uncle filled the police complaint. And full day of drama happens.

I just don’t know how to react.

Just a small phone call ruin all the reputation eventually he is drunk also.

My neighbour uncle can also handle it maturely but he make it bigger. Strom in a tea cup.

Please do comment and share what u feel guys.

Thanks for reading!!

Real Meaning of Diwali from my eyes.

Spiritual health # your soul # namaste #strength # good heart

Hey Amazing people there celebrating festivals itself refreshes our life. Preparing for Diwali starts before one month. From buying new clothes, new things for house. Main attraction is lightening. If you go market this time huge rush. It seems all city come together in the market. Yea, lightening is all around the market place, decorations in house, sweets, get together with family and friends. Burning crackers. Goddess laxmi is worshipped in diwali. All the materialistic things clothes, food, money is by her wishes.

Festivals is celebrated to spread love and happiness. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well. Find more ways to enlighten your soul and built a positive insight towards life.

Inner purity

Thoughts in mind When the mind is pure, Joy follows like a shadow that never leaves Because we have so many distractions around in this tech world. Filling our heads with so many bad or negativity.

Respect to elders

These days we get angry so easily, don’t know where this anger come from. People don’t want to listen.

See clearly

The first step is change is to become aware of your own bullshit. Analyse your thoughts first then judge other people. This diwali spread love. Shine like a star.

Karma should be pure

Whatever you do should be pure. Pure efforts are never wasted.

Be grateful to every moment in your life.

Affection to younger

Yea give affection who are younger from you.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous diwali.

By Manisha

Wednesday wisdom

Sometimes I want to say to myself that u don’t do mistakes in my work. The silly things that I feel it’s just fine or OK.

Being more focused towards my goals.

Being more careful and repeatedly I don’t do more mistakes.

Now the water goes above my head. Yea no more stupid stuff .

Phone data recovery

Seems worst day today one of my colleague deleted I mean permanently deleted my files that are in my cellphone.

you know what I mean I never get my data or many important things pictures, recordings, my hard work, some important presentations which now I never get back. all are gone within a minute.

One of my so called friends in office do this and explained me that it is actually by a mistake. He mistakenly deleted.

I don’t know whether it is a bad day or bad colleague.

Yea I do back up but I have back up of only 15 GB data. And my 35 GB data is lost. The service center clearly says they have no policy to recover data.

Have password in ur phone. More importantly save your important files in laptop.

Phone internal memory data can not b recovered.

Some applications help me out for recovery pictures. But PDF files and voice recordings are gone.

Apps that recover some of my files is audio recovery app.

Think for a while what u do if ur phone is lost no I don’t mean this think happen but atleast do some measures so u don’t have a worse situation.

Be cautious.

I posted this so no one do mistakes that I have done.

Tuesday tips: to be happy in office

Sharing a simple and strong thought which struck my mind.


Take new responsibilities you feel change from inside. If you are leading a task it gives good experience that you can do that.

Don’t blame others many people complain about boss, colleagues. Even I know who blames there spouse that he/ she is not according him. All people are different.

Stop complaining

Don’t complain all the time we can’t change people or circumstances. Analyse yourself where are you are lacking.

Say no to negative thoughts

Is your brain take 30 seconds and number of bad things you thought. Take a deep breath. Start controlling your mind.

Never tell anyone your plans show them your result instead.

Yea why tell others I can do this I can do that instead.

Everyone wants the results no one cares what much effort you are doing.

Think beyond

Planning is also essential but not all the time you keep thinking.

Erase all your worries

Found a technique that simplify your work.

Defeat your colleagues who are your enemy

Have a smile on face half of the work is done here. Be confident in your work.

Hope it helps

– xoxo