Spiritual health (sante spirituelle)

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Our psychology towards work. We do what we think. We speak what we think. Yea life is busy and quiet moment is hard to come but we need daily spiritual nourishment to survive. We take our bodies to gym so why not take our minds to spiritual gym?

Your past mistakes are meant to guide you, not to define you.

The experiences depends upon how one can take from the results. Past mistakes means we have to change things that don’t repeat mistakes. Even God himself can not change past.

When people act rude to me. I think What’s wrong with them? I wondered can I become like them. Act rude to these people Each person has unique endowment.

Our society don’t value intelligence, personality, and character?

Every individual can change through application and experience.

Why hide deficiency instead of overcoming them.

At this time, scientist’s are learning that people have more capacity of life long learning and brain development than they ever thought.

Remember: you are always responsible for how you act no matter how you feel.

Be more careful. People with high IQ make good decisions, even when they feel distressed , they are ready to take challenges, and keep working on them.

Self control is strength. Tough situations make strong people.

Its my privilege to share things with you.

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