Are you hurt?

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In our life we come across many people who hurt us. But you know only small number of people do intentionally wrong.

As always let’s talk about the solutions

I think we see problems in our own perspective only. Some other prospective may be different. May be they are think differently. If something is wrong for you for other may it’s right for them.

Colleagues in office

They have different personality Every individual is unique. Each Individual has some strong and weak characteristics of there behaviour. All people are not similar.

Don’t assume negative things

We make conception may be misconception that they always do that we don’t like. If some one is doing good then we also doubting them.


Justification of actions that hurt you. Be clear in mind what you want. Sometimes we have to think beyond. Talk what you are thinking. You are thinking that this person is hurting or irritating me may be they don’t know that they are hurting you.

Don’t discuss problems

We think about it, discuss it that this person is so bad, they do this bad to me that’s not we have to do. Sometimes we make small things big problems. Discuss solutions. Thought about answers.

Anger or saying bad words to you

Anger is an emotion which can be seen. If someone is angry on you see that this person is angry on me. Don’t instantly loose your temper. Becalm.

Check Intention

If there intention is not right. They want to harm you. Then you have to take steps against them. Be high alert. But if they support you think about you then you have to analysis what they want what’s there perspective.


Some people have habit to tell lie, some have habit to come late. Some people are habitual to smoke and some people have habit to hurt other people but all these things are bad for us but from there perspective its fine it’s normal thing so ignore them.

Don’t disturb your mind with these people. No one has the power or potential to hurt you but only one condition don’t think about them.


There upbringing are like this. Or something happens in the past so they become rude in present. This is the root cause. They are behaving rude to you or hurting you.

We can’t change there behaviour

But some people hurt we can’t do anything and if they are family members we think what we do now. it sucks. We should avoid those people. But one thing is very important here that our family members intentions are good. They think about you, care about you. If mother or father angry on you or they are saying something it might 99.99% chance that is for your benefit.

Much love! Be blessed!

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