Tuesday tips: to be happy in office

Sharing a simple and strong thought which struck my mind.


Take new responsibilities you feel change from inside. If you are leading a task it gives good experience that you can do that.

Don’t blame others many people complain about boss, colleagues. Even I know who blames there spouse that he/ she is not according him. All people are different.

Stop complaining

Don’t complain all the time we can’t change people or circumstances. Analyse yourself where are you are lacking.

Say no to negative thoughts

Is your brain take 30 seconds and number of bad things you thought. Take a deep breath. Start controlling your mind.

Never tell anyone your plans show them your result instead.

Yea why tell others I can do this I can do that instead.

Everyone wants the results no one cares what much effort you are doing.

Think beyond

Planning is also essential but not all the time you keep thinking.

Erase all your worries

Found a technique that simplify your work.

Defeat your colleagues who are your enemy

Have a smile on face half of the work is done here. Be confident in your work.

Hope it helps

– xoxo

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