True picture of today world

Hello readers, today I am sharing an incident, there is uncle in my neighbourhood, he was called by one of his relatives last night. That relative was drunk. He spoke bad words (abusive words) about another relative who is an ( MLA)

That he got a transfer letter because of that relative. The MLA relative is responsible to it.

And my neighbour uncle recorded all his bad words on phone and spreads it to the whole city and in morning he go to the relative (MLA) house. And showed the call recordings that he uses bad words against him.

The MLA uncle filled the police complaint. And full day of drama happens.

I just don’t know how to react.

Just a small phone call ruin all the reputation eventually he is drunk also.

My neighbour uncle can also handle it maturely but he make it bigger. Strom in a tea cup.

Please do comment and share what u feel guys.

Thanks for reading!!

3 thoughts on “True picture of today world

  1. That’s really wrong… Even I heard of similar kind of an incident which happened with my Maths teacher…. People in power misuse their rights and approaches…


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