Tuesday tips: to be happy in office

Sharing a simple and strong thought which struck my mind.


Take new responsibilities you feel change from inside. If you are leading a task it gives good experience that you can do that.

Don’t blame others many people complain about boss, colleagues. Even I know who blames there spouse that he/ she is not according him. All people are different.

Stop complaining

Don’t complain all the time we can’t change people or circumstances. Analyse yourself where are you are lacking.

Say no to negative thoughts

Is your brain take 30 seconds and number of bad things you thought. Take a deep breath. Start controlling your mind.

Never tell anyone your plans show them your result instead.

Yea why tell others I can do this I can do that instead.

Everyone wants the results no one cares what much effort you are doing.

Think beyond

Planning is also essential but not all the time you keep thinking.

Erase all your worries

Found a technique that simplify your work.

Defeat your colleagues who are your enemy

Have a smile on face half of the work is done here. Be confident in your work.

Hope it helps

– xoxo


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Stress and anxiety seem to have become almost endemic to life in modern society. This kind of mental exhaustion can take a toll not only mind and spirit, but also on the physical body. The everyday grind build up stress.

Stress is coming out more severe in and out of the workplace. Work has creeped into our personal lives night, weekends and vacation.

Coconut icecream

When I feel stressed Eating sweets, watching TV for long ;( hours, loss/ increase in appetite crying, sleepiness, frustration, headaches and oversleeping.

Stress can lead to weekend immunity, hormonal imbalance, increased blood Pressure, digestive disorder and heart disease.

Here are few simple exercise that can help

Nature walk

Spending time outside is great for your health, grounding you to the earth and helping you to provide much needed prospective. Focus on the experience on each of the senses you immense yourself in nature.


Committing to a constant meditation practice can help combat stress and anxiety at the source, thereby reducing negative physical effects. Mediate whether you are a regular practitioner or new to meditation don’t know where to begin. Learn how to relax.

Meditation helps in tapping a person inner potential and opens his mind to universal spirit.

Square breathing

Inhale as you count to four, hold as count to four, exhale as you count to four. This control breathing can calm the nervous system and regulate the body’s reaction to stress.

Reading good books are the best way to reduce stress.

Gratitude writing be thankful to God.

Some say little stress is good for you as it pushes you to react and achieve your goals. On the other hand when stress is prolonged, it causes physical and emotional problems that may damage both your health and performance. It is important us to know how to handle our stress.

Survivor or Victim

# keep moving # self healers # soul truth # be a fighter

Every day is a new beginning start fresh and conquer your dream.

Yea, we see too type of people one who inspires others to shine. Positive people

I know many people at my work place they only criticise anything happen they just 1 second to criticise any good work by anyone.

Others give excuses, Negative people, blaming others, they blame situation and people.

How people play victim card

They complain and complain foes on about all sucky things rather than making the effort of the solution.

Victim criticise and blame events and situation.

There is no victims on this ride called life.

As soon as we take responsibility and accountability for ourselves (our thought and action.)

Some people don’t wanna be fixed because being broken gets them attention. Those who are fake. Acting all the times as a victim and play victim card.

Reason to be a survivor is that People only miss u when you look good or doing good.

Avoid people who

1. Intentionally and repeatedly do and say things and they upset you.

2. Expect you to prioritise them but refuse to prioritise you.

3. Act like a victim

4. People who love mind games.

Don’t let the sadness of your past and the fear of future ruin the happiness of your present.

Which one you will be?

Choose victory!

Be a victor.

Happiness in little things

Pink flower

# nature lover

From my garden

I woke up and see this rose in my home garden :). This made my day. This makes me happy. I think it blooms for me.

Nature has been thoroughly nourished.

Rose care is easier than I think. Anyone can grow them successfully. Water them to keep the soil moist. Fertilize them regularly.

# rose garden reapers.

Spiritual health (sante spirituelle)

# Spiritual health # emotionally fit # fitness motivation #thinking #our words matters # inspirational tips

Our psychology towards work. We do what we think. We speak what we think. Yea life is busy and quiet moment is hard to come but we need daily spiritual nourishment to survive. We take our bodies to gym so why not take our minds to spiritual gym?

Your past mistakes are meant to guide you, not to define you.

The experiences depends upon how one can take from the results. Past mistakes means we have to change things that don’t repeat mistakes. Even God himself can not change past.

When people act rude to me. I think What’s wrong with them? I wondered can I become like them. Act rude to these people Each person has unique endowment.

Our society don’t value intelligence, personality, and character?

Every individual can change through application and experience.

Why hide deficiency instead of overcoming them.

At this time, scientist’s are learning that people have more capacity of life long learning and brain development than they ever thought.

Remember: you are always responsible for how you act no matter how you feel.

Be more careful. People with high IQ make good decisions, even when they feel distressed , they are ready to take challenges, and keep working on them.

Self control is strength. Tough situations make strong people.

Its my privilege to share things with you.

Krishna janamashstmi

Lord krishna

Celebrations # festival home

Jai shri Krishna

God who is knowledgeable. The one who plays melodious flute.

Made by me

Krishna said preliminary stage of self realisation.

Trying to associate with a person who is spiritually elevated.

By the guidance of spiritual master, one becomes free from all material attachments. Attains steadiness in self realisation.

Real love for God is called prerna. The highest perfection of life.

Muslims also celebrate Krishna janamashtmi

# true colours of india

I believe Krishna is still writing your story don’t steel his pen.

Just trust Krishna plans.

May lord Krishna steel all your worries.

Happy krishan janamashtmi

Jai shree krishna

-from bhagwat geeta (page 245)

Healthy lifestyle in work pressure

Hey amazing people out there!

Hope u r doing great today talking about healthy lifestyle. It is a need of an hour. People are working hard, partying hard, doing everything apart from taking care of there health.

Its time to take our health seriously, a few healthy habits can help to develop a healthy lifestyle over a period of time. A good lifestyle is essential if we want to achieve our goals.

Healthy habits that must be followed

Eat more greens

Cucumber- super hydrating and more nutritious than regular water.

Spainach -improve mental function by helping oxidation of Brain.

Begin by following a healthy diet plan.

Never leave empty stomach to work.

Wake up early key to success

Have breakfast, make it a habit so that u have enough time to accommodate ur task.

Exercise this helps in destressing. Atleast half an hour is for exercise. Doing some yoga, breathing exercises.

Increase ur daily steps

Sleep on time as u r waking up early is necessary to sleep on time. Sleep 7-9 per night.

Preparing ur work bag in night.

Spend 10 min in night in scheduling what to do next day.

Eat ur dinner on time.

Good sleep at night make u energetic next morning

Put your mobile aside.


Disastrous things happen when we have bad lifestyle habits or we don’t have time for ourselves.

Waking up late disturb ur entire schedule, we sleepy whole day, feeling low,low energies.

So have a good lifestyle to face this competitive world

Be consistent and enjoy the process.

By mitali

Follow ur dreams🙌

Hey amazing people out there! hope u r doing great.

Yes If u can dream it you can make it

Doing what you have passionate about to do is amazing thing and the

best work the output automatically come when u enjoy what u r doing.

Follow ur heart😍

I truly believe that once you’ve placed your full trust in God, everything will fall in to place and work accordingly.

Writes new story everyday

We will eagerly wait for the new morning

We will never break

We will not give up

We will definitely learn something from everyday life

I am passionate about life itself learning, fitness, travelling, discovery. I promise myself that I become confident in own judgements and decisions.

Because half of my life is over 🙍and I was thinking sometime I over think.

Being true to myself

Act with higher purpose

Remind yourself why you want to do something.


#deep desire

Be inspired be u

-written by mitali