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Work life

On Sunday I was waking up early and while other days (mon-sat) not want to wake up till the clock alarm again and again. All week I was just waiting for my Sunday. On Sunday I woke early go to gym. But mon- sat on evening.

A new energy I observed when there is holiday. While on working days I feel myself lazy, dull, not interested to do anything. Sometime I think Monday is not a good day for me. And I don’t want to woke up at Monday at all. I think I have lot of work pressure.

(Please do comment if it happens to you also)

Sunday I feel blessed, cheerful.

I know work is worship and work comes first before anything else. There is no life without work. Great personalities become famous only because of there work. In geeta (holybook) lord krishan said Action is the duty and reward is not the concern.

But due to work pressure and hectic schedule I feel like Sunday is the best day.

Here are few ways to make ur work or office time little better.

Be organised remember this is the key.

Look good, Colour matters light colours that suit you. Wear ur favorite colours.

Comfortable clothes and shoes. Socializing with your colleagues in professional manner.

Be positive, don’t let anyone come in your mind with there dirty feet.

No over thinking, act more do more things rather than thinking.

In tea break listen to good music or music to your choice this instantly refresh your day.

Keep chocolate in your bag I do because I love chocolates. Share your chocolates or sweets with your colleagues.

Do enjoy your work this makes a world difference.

So why not keep things managed during your break and get back to work with confidence and enthusiasm.

Thanks for reading.

By- mitali


Social Media: Some people are crazy to get likes

People do anything to get likes. My best friend go bald. For attention or doing something new she go bald. She has a very long and beautiful hair.

It is not in our culture. In Hindus shaving girls hairs is not allowed. For few likes people are pretending themselves someone else which they are not. Doing crazy stuff.

They want followers and they go beyond limits to full fill this wish. It is uncommon these days that people are going crazy.

I think social media should be used for knowledge, communication and education.

Healthy lifestyle in work pressure

Hey amazing people out there!

Hope u r doing great today talking about healthy lifestyle. It is a need of an hour. People are working hard, partying hard, doing everything apart from taking care of there health.

Its time to take our health seriously, a few healthy habits can help to develop a healthy lifestyle over a period of time. A good lifestyle is essential if we want to achieve our goals.

Healthy habits that must be followed

Eat more greens

Cucumber- super hydrating and more nutritious than regular water.

Spainach -improve mental function by helping oxidation of Brain.

Begin by following a healthy diet plan.

Never leave empty stomach to work.

Wake up early key to success

Have breakfast, make it a habit so that u have enough time to accommodate ur task.

Exercise this helps in destressing. Atleast half an hour is for exercise. Doing some yoga, breathing exercises.

Increase ur daily steps

Sleep on time as u r waking up early is necessary to sleep on time. Sleep 7-9 per night.

Preparing ur work bag in night.

Spend 10 min in night in scheduling what to do next day.

Eat ur dinner on time.

Good sleep at night make u energetic next morning

Put your mobile aside.


Disastrous things happen when we have bad lifestyle habits or we don’t have time for ourselves.

Waking up late disturb ur entire schedule, we sleepy whole day, feeling low,low energies.

So have a good lifestyle to face this competitive world

Be consistent and enjoy the process.

By mitali

Follow ur dreams🙌

Hey amazing people out there! hope u r doing great.

Yes If u can dream it you can make it

Doing what you have passionate about to do is amazing thing and the

best work the output automatically come when u enjoy what u r doing.

Follow ur heart😍

I truly believe that once you’ve placed your full trust in God, everything will fall in to place and work accordingly.

Writes new story everyday

We will eagerly wait for the new morning

We will never break

We will not give up

We will definitely learn something from everyday life

I am passionate about life itself learning, fitness, travelling, discovery. I promise myself that I become confident in own judgements and decisions.

Because half of my life is over 🙍and I was thinking sometime I over think.

Being true to myself

Act with higher purpose

Remind yourself why you want to do something.


#deep desire

Be inspired be u

-written by mitali

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