The Liebster Award

Hello all! I am so happy and delighted to announce that I was nominated for the liebster award.

My heart full thank to jesusluvsall of for nominating me. I really appreciate it.I enjoy his blog where he exudes joy in Jesus and for life. I strongly feel he is connected to God. So definitely go check it out!

Let’s start.


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Share 11 fact about yourself.

3. Answer 11 questions that the blogger ask you.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers and make them happy!

5. Notify your 11 nominees.

11 facts about me

  1. I can speak and write 5 languages.
  2. Every time want to do something new in my life.
  3. I have brown eyes.
  4. Love travelling to new places.
  5. Yea I am a bookworm. I love reading books. I have library in my home. That was filled with many books. I love writing my thoughts.
  6. Foodie
  7. Love music
  8. I believe in God.
  9. I am a calm person. I do mediation regularly.
  10. I love teaching students.

11. Early bird I woke early in morning.

My questions

Q1 Dogs or cats?

Ans. I choose dog because I have a pet dog. Lenii….my cutie pie.

Pets are more lovable than human.

Q.2 lord of things and star wars is the second what you think is the third best movie ever made?

Ans. I don’t watch movies. So don’t know.

Q.3 What is the country you have not visited but want to?

Ans. I want to visit Australia and meet my brother.

Q.4 What is your blog about?

Ans. It’s about Mental health, spiritual healing, fitness, about my workplace, my inner self.

Q.5 What is your favourite post from your blog?

Ans The post tips to be happy in office is my favourite.

Q.6 When you write your blog where do you write?

Ans. I first write a rough draft in my diary. I prefer pen and paper.

Q.7 What is your favorite beverage?

Ans. Cold coffee.

Q.8 What is the place in your city people should visit?

Ans. Historical monuments i n my city.

Q.9 if you could video chat with anyone in the world who would it be and why?

Ans. Being introvert i can’t chat.

Q.10 if you could time travel to spend a day in another time when would be and where?

Ans. If I had a chance to go back in time I go in my childhood’s birthday they are the special moments in my memories.

Q.11 if you were in a coffee shop and Jesus come and sat down with you what would you ask him?

Ans. I ask Jesus how to take right decisions in life.

My nominations

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10. I ve started so from jonstainsby.WordPress. cocom

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Questions for nominees

  1. Why you start blogging?
  2. What you favorite place in your city?
  3. Favorite book?
  4. What’s your blog is about.
  5. Your favorite post from your blog.
  6. How you spent a day without mobile phone.
  7. Where you write your thoughts before publishing?
  8. If God come to you what you ask him?
  9. What are you studying or what kind of work you do?
  10. Favorite food.
  11. What’s your cherished childhood TV show that you used to love but haven’t thought in a while.

Thank you for reading my post have a great day.

Thank you for 200+ followers


I am very happy and grateful today. I know not a big deal, but from 0 to somewhere. I used to have nothing then I got this family.

I am honestly grateful to each and everyone who reads me and likes my content.

My blog is a place where I find relief. In my blog I write my inner voice. That whispers all day long in my mind. My blog is all about life, fitness, my workplace, motivation and lots of positive vibes.

Lots of love for you all. Thank you for support and love.

Are you hurt?

#Psychology # better life #Always think positive

In our life we come across many people who hurt us. But you know only small number of people do intentionally wrong.

As always let’s talk about the solutions

I think we see problems in our own perspective only. Some other prospective may be different. May be they are think differently. If something is wrong for you for other may it’s right for them.

Colleagues in office

They have different personality Every individual is unique. Each Individual has some strong and weak characteristics of there behaviour. All people are not similar.

Don’t assume negative things

We make conception may be misconception that they always do that we don’t like. If some one is doing good then we also doubting them.


Justification of actions that hurt you. Be clear in mind what you want. Sometimes we have to think beyond. Talk what you are thinking. You are thinking that this person is hurting or irritating me may be they don’t know that they are hurting you.

Don’t discuss problems

We think about it, discuss it that this person is so bad, they do this bad to me that’s not we have to do. Sometimes we make small things big problems. Discuss solutions. Thought about answers.

Anger or saying bad words to you

Anger is an emotion which can be seen. If someone is angry on you see that this person is angry on me. Don’t instantly loose your temper. Becalm.

Check Intention

If there intention is not right. They want to harm you. Then you have to take steps against them. Be high alert. But if they support you think about you then you have to analysis what they want what’s there perspective.


Some people have habit to tell lie, some have habit to come late. Some people are habitual to smoke and some people have habit to hurt other people but all these things are bad for us but from there perspective its fine it’s normal thing so ignore them.

Don’t disturb your mind with these people. No one has the power or potential to hurt you but only one condition don’t think about them.


There upbringing are like this. Or something happens in the past so they become rude in present. This is the root cause. They are behaving rude to you or hurting you.

We can’t change there behaviour

But some people hurt we can’t do anything and if they are family members we think what we do now. it sucks. We should avoid those people. But one thing is very important here that our family members intentions are good. They think about you, care about you. If mother or father angry on you or they are saying something it might 99.99% chance that is for your benefit.

Much love! Be blessed!

Yoga Kapalbhati breathing

# yoga lifestyle # pranayama is for regulating your breathing.

Hey amazing people out there today I am sharing yoga breathing exercise.


Sit in a mediative posture

# sukhasana – close your eyes and relax


Your hand resisting on your knee and gyan mudra

Inhale deeply from both the nostrils

Expand your chest

Expel the breath with forceful contradiction of abdominal muscles and relax.

Do not strain

Continue active exhalation and passive inhalation.

Complete 30 rapid breath.

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly

This complete one round of kapalbhati

Each round will be followed by deep breathing.

Repeat three rounds.


Loose belly fat , realise Strees, improve beauty, relive gas and constipation, improves kidney health, rejuvenates cells, boost immunity system.
When to avoid kapalbhati??

  1. Chronic bleeding in your nose.
  2. Migraine
  3. Vertigo
  4. Strokes
  5. High blood pressure
  6. Gastric ulser

Thanks for reading this article.

Fitness Motivation

# fitness # health # self love # good vibes # never give up

Woked up when my alarm clock says it’s 5:30. In morning I have to go gym for exercise. But I am skipping it from three to four days. Now a days I cancel going outside. Anyone who is experiencing that?

Sharing some tips that motivate me to do regular exercise. Good health is a blessing. It increases are strength, stamina and ability to do work. It gives fresh energy. A sound mind lies in sound body. Everybody should take physical exercise according to his age and ability. All kinds of exercise are not suitable for everyone. Regular exercise develops blood circulation and power of digestion. It is necessary to take regular exercise to possess good health.

Weight loss doesn’t begun in the gym it begins in your head.

New workout plan the reason is your old plan is to old that you need to change it. Waking is suitable when you are ill. Your plan is according to you. No one is going to judge you. That fits in your routine. Best suited you.

Zumba or cardio try different once in a weak. Pick a exercise or workout that you enjoy also. Swim, jog ,climb,Tai chi and other physical demanding exercise.

Change your exercise: doing same exercise daily may feel you bored. If your are doing same exercise may be end up with no results. Change your exercise daily.

Don’t sleep at the wrong time. Don’t make hard schedules for self that you can’t follow. Sleep atleast 7-8 hours.

Find friends who exercise with you or can join you in gym. Who supports you and fitness freek.

Run its another good exercise.

Become addicted to exercise

I can’t exercise for a long time so I found a alternate to join dance class I enjoyed it and I can do it for long hours also. I again feel mindset is everything.

Start saying to yourself that the reason you are doing this is to make your life better.

To much exercise may result in injury. Neither extremes are good. Never over do things. It is up to us to be sensible in exercising.

Buying new clothes buying new gym clothes or yoga encourage to walk outside

Laziness has no excuse. Don’t be lazy. Excuses don’t burn calories.

A healthy life a life free from diseases and ailments. A few hours of exercise will help in getting sound sleep and is the perfect soothing for a tired body and restless mind. By doing regular physical activities regularly we ensure a healthy life.

Thanks for reading this article.


# inner peace # spiritual journey # emotional wellness # stress relief

Stress and anxiety seem to have become almost endemic to life in modern society. This kind of mental exhaustion can take a toll not only mind and spirit, but also on the physical body. The everyday grind build up stress.

Stress is coming out more severe in and out of the workplace. Work has creeped into our personal lives night, weekends and vacation.

Coconut icecream

When I feel stressed Eating sweets, watching TV for long ;( hours, loss/ increase in appetite crying, sleepiness, frustration, headaches and oversleeping.

Stress can lead to weekend immunity, hormonal imbalance, increased blood Pressure, digestive disorder and heart disease.

Here are few simple exercise that can help

Nature walk

Spending time outside is great for your health, grounding you to the earth and helping you to provide much needed prospective. Focus on the experience on each of the senses you immense yourself in nature.


Committing to a constant meditation practice can help combat stress and anxiety at the source, thereby reducing negative physical effects. Mediate whether you are a regular practitioner or new to meditation don’t know where to begin. Learn how to relax.

Meditation helps in tapping a person inner potential and opens his mind to universal spirit.

Square breathing

Inhale as you count to four, hold as count to four, exhale as you count to four. This control breathing can calm the nervous system and regulate the body’s reaction to stress.

Reading good books are the best way to reduce stress.

Gratitude writing be thankful to God.

Some say little stress is good for you as it pushes you to react and achieve your goals. On the other hand when stress is prolonged, it causes physical and emotional problems that may damage both your health and performance. It is important us to know how to handle our stress.

Survivor or Victim

# keep moving # self healers # soul truth # be a fighter

Every day is a new beginning start fresh and conquer your dream.

Yea, we see too type of people one who inspires others to shine. Positive people

I know many people at my work place they only criticise anything happen they just 1 second to criticise any good work by anyone.

Others give excuses, Negative people, blaming others, they blame situation and people.

How people play victim card

They complain and complain foes on about all sucky things rather than making the effort of the solution.

Victim criticise and blame events and situation.

There is no victims on this ride called life.

As soon as we take responsibility and accountability for ourselves (our thought and action.)

Some people don’t wanna be fixed because being broken gets them attention. Those who are fake. Acting all the times as a victim and play victim card.

Reason to be a survivor is that People only miss u when you look good or doing good.

Avoid people who

1. Intentionally and repeatedly do and say things and they upset you.

2. Expect you to prioritise them but refuse to prioritise you.

3. Act like a victim

4. People who love mind games.

Don’t let the sadness of your past and the fear of future ruin the happiness of your present.

Which one you will be?

Choose victory!

Be a victor.

Happiness in little things

Pink flower

# nature lover

From my garden

I woke up and see this rose in my home garden :). This made my day. This makes me happy. I think it blooms for me.

Nature has been thoroughly nourished.

Rose care is easier than I think. Anyone can grow them successfully. Water them to keep the soil moist. Fertilize them regularly.

# rose garden reapers.

Spiritual health (sante spirituelle)

# Spiritual health # emotionally fit # fitness motivation #thinking #our words matters # inspirational tips

Our psychology towards work. We do what we think. We speak what we think. Yea life is busy and quiet moment is hard to come but we need daily spiritual nourishment to survive. We take our bodies to gym so why not take our minds to spiritual gym?

Your past mistakes are meant to guide you, not to define you.

The experiences depends upon how one can take from the results. Past mistakes means we have to change things that don’t repeat mistakes. Even God himself can not change past.

When people act rude to me. I think What’s wrong with them? I wondered can I become like them. Act rude to these people Each person has unique endowment.

Our society don’t value intelligence, personality, and character?

Every individual can change through application and experience.

Why hide deficiency instead of overcoming them.

At this time, scientist’s are learning that people have more capacity of life long learning and brain development than they ever thought.

Remember: you are always responsible for how you act no matter how you feel.

Be more careful. People with high IQ make good decisions, even when they feel distressed , they are ready to take challenges, and keep working on them.

Self control is strength. Tough situations make strong people.

Its my privilege to share things with you.