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Stress and anxiety seem to have become almost endemic to life in modern society. This kind of mental exhaustion can take a toll not only mind and spirit, but also on the physical body. The everyday grind build up stress.

Stress is coming out more severe in and out of the workplace. Work has creeped into our personal lives night, weekends and vacation.

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When I feel stressed Eating sweets, watching TV for long ;( hours, loss/ increase in appetite crying, sleepiness, frustration, headaches and oversleeping.

Stress can lead to weekend immunity, hormonal imbalance, increased blood Pressure, digestive disorder and heart disease.

Here are few simple exercise that can help

Nature walk

Spending time outside is great for your health, grounding you to the earth and helping you to provide much needed prospective. Focus on the experience on each of the senses you immense yourself in nature.


Committing to a constant meditation practice can help combat stress and anxiety at the source, thereby reducing negative physical effects. Mediate whether you are a regular practitioner or new to meditation don’t know where to begin. Learn how to relax.

Meditation helps in tapping a person inner potential and opens his mind to universal spirit.

Square breathing

Inhale as you count to four, hold as count to four, exhale as you count to four. This control breathing can calm the nervous system and regulate the body’s reaction to stress.

Reading good books are the best way to reduce stress.

Gratitude writing be thankful to God.

Some say little stress is good for you as it pushes you to react and achieve your goals. On the other hand when stress is prolonged, it causes physical and emotional problems that may damage both your health and performance. It is important us to know how to handle our stress.